Art and History Museums Maitland offers an Artist-in-Action (AIA) program that reflects the spirit of founder André Smith’s Research Studio and the current mission of the institution. This program provides non-residential studio space to an established or emerging artist for the professional practice and research of fine art. This program is an exciting opportunity to interact with AHMM’s community of artists and art enthusiasts while working in this uniquely rich and historic environment.

Eligibility: The AIA program is open to artists working in any medium. The applicant must demonstrate his/her commitment to the professional pursuit of fine art. The artist will be available for a designated 12-month period: Sept 1, 2011 – August 31, 2012.

Schedule: Artist will have access to the studio from 9:00am to 8:00pm weekdays, 9:00am – 6:00pm Saturday, and 12noon-6:00pm Sunday. The studio may not be used as a residence. Artists will be given keys and access codes to work in times outside these parameters.

Expectations: The Artist will be required to be present on the grounds and available for open studio tours during MAC business hours for at least 15 hours per week. The Artist is expected to participate in the various programs offered by the art center such as gallery openings, children’s art activities, community functions and fundraisers. The Artist will maintain an open studio policy while working at MAC. The artist will welcome visitors, participate in tours, have their studio open during Gallery openings and special events, participate in Special events such as Participation, children’s art festival and any other MAHA sponsored events.

The Artist will teach at least one class or workshop each term over the 12-18 month period. The Artist will provide his/her own materials/supplies for production of artwork. A number of the Artist’s works may be selected for sale at the MAC gift shop with a commission of 30% to the art center. The artist will also be required to give a 30% commission of studio sales to MAC. There is no compensation provided, except from gift shop sales, studio sales and classes or workshops taught.

Application: Applications will be accepted from artists from any visual classification. Current AiAs are encouraged to reapply.

To apply for the AIA program, please provide:

a) completed application, attached. b) current résumé including recent shows and awards c) photographs or jpgs of recent work d) 2 letters of recommendation

A personal interview will be required of the top three candidates. Selection will be made in August, 2011. Candidates will be contacted. Additional inquiries not necessary.

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