Probably the most significant collection at the Maitland Art Center is the facility itself. The former Research Studio is covered by carved and cast concrete sculptures, all designed by André Smith. Many of these were actually hand-carved by Smith. These decorations, along with the buildings that make up the historic art colony, were imagined and executed from motifs drawn from the cultures of ancient Mesoamerica, including the Maya and the Aztecs. Mixed with colonial, Christian, and in some cases even Asian iconography, this totally unique complex with its conjoined courtyards, gardens, and art studios may be the versatile Smith’s greatest creation.

Historical Collections

The Maitland Historical Museum collection totals approximately 3,500 items, documenting the life of small town Florida, its businesses, developments, families, schools, churches and activities. The archives contain approximately 39 cubic feet of manuscripts and photographs, and a collection of 90 audiotapes and 25 videotapes. Of greatest value are older records including cemetery and early City records, voter registration information and family archives. The artifact collection contains more than 80 cubic feet of catalogued and stored historical items pertaining to the history of Maitland and Central Florida. Some examples of the collection include a copper and brass black powder flask found in 1935, handmade 19th century quilts, and Citrus industry tools.

The Waterhouse Residence Museum collection includes Victorian residential items, reflecting a middle class family lifestyle in nineteenth century Central Florida. The Waterhouse Residence Museum itself is on the National Register of Historic Places and remains one of theA&H’s most important pieces in the collection.

The Telephone Museum collection includes telephones, equipment, and archives representing the story of the Galloway family who started telephone service in this area, and the Winter Park Telephone Company of 1913-1979. The collection includes a working switching station, PBX boards, line installation tools, military field equipment, and much more. This collection housed in the museum and storage is one of the most extensive in the Southeast.

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